Car Tent

    Aluminum car body by means of a tent as a supporting point, in favor of aluminum stand erect, with the vehicle capacity as a whole, after a good build is a perfect, safe and secure space, can also be ventilated canopy curtain opens, and nature full contact.

    The main component holder (column and diagonal beams) pipe manufacturing 100 × 82 × 3 mm high strength oxidation two slots of 82 × 48 × 3 mm or four-slot aluminum, double-sided PVC tarpaulin flame retardant synthetic fabric , in line with European DIN4102B1, M2 standards. Weight 850 g / square meter, there are two kinds of blackout and semi-transparent tarpaulin choice.

    Car Tent Available in a variety of configurations, its function and purpose has been further expanded, common configuration with side wall covering with transparent PVC windows, screens, ground anchors, columns bearing plate, glass doors, transparent canopy cloth and side wall coverings, floor systems, drainage trough, rain, snow, UV resistant, anti-mosquito.

    Car Tent advanced design, safe and sound, strong wind resistance, easy installation. Anti-wind speed of 80 km / h (wind load 0.3 kN / m2), disassembly fast, convenient transportation and small size. Widely used in outdoor fleet maintenance area, temporary offices, field command centers, temporary warehouses and temporary workshop and emergency purposes.


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