Dodecagon Tent

    Dodecagon tent 30m span tents in general, based on the configuration of the steeple and 1/2 dodecagonal end unit. Span of 30m, side height: 4m, four-slot 300x125x5 / 8mm aluminum tube made frame, durable, anti-wind speed 100 km / h (wind load 0.5 kN / m2), double-sided pvc tarpaulin with flame retardant synthetic fabric, weight 850g / sqm.

    It is both common tent flexibility in terms of length, but also the specificity of spiers and polygons, breaking the traditional tent single chevron shape, ideal for all kinds of events, sports events, commercial events, exhibitions, celebrating like. Large span tents plus steeple and polygonal shape, absolutely amazing!

    In addition, there are optional configurations are available: pvc transparent window and wall coverings, wall coverings and transparent PVC roof, glass walls, glass doors, ABS hardware wall, ground anchors, bearing plate, wooden floors and ceilings curtain, etc. .


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