Decagonal tent

    Decagonal shape of the roof consists of ten sides, divided into three types: ET / DEC (size 16 meters, the main diameter 152x119x4mm), BT / DEC (size 16 meters -25 meters, the main diameter 204x120x4mm), CT / DEC (size 16 m -25 m, decagonal tent has a variety of configurations available for purchase, its function and purpose has been further expanded, common configuration Yes - side wall covering windows with transparent PVC, ground anchors , columns bearing plate, interior ceiling, glass walls, glass doors, ABS hardware wall, transparent tarpaulin and side wall coverings, floor systems, drainage channels.

    Decagonal tent design advanced, safe and secure, anti-wind speed of 100 km / h (wind load 0.5 kN / m2), enables fast, convenient transportation and small size. Widely used in outdoor large private Party, wedding parties, product promotions, sports events and other activities.


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