Warehouse Tent

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We provide warehouse tents lease rental, sale and customization, whether you are a temporary building for industrial applications require a permanent building or business grows and needs, Bert Weiss tent designed to provide you with the ideal solution. We warehouse building tents convenience for enterprises seasonal and flexible distribution sites to provide a flexible space, avoiding the need to increase production space lease hidden costs, working capital and other places.

Warehouse Tent building does not require a permanent foundation, it can be built in almost any ground ---- asphalt, concrete or grassland. Tents on the economics and flexibility far better than traditional steel, and do not have a building permit to build trouble land needed. Because of the basic conditions required less, the cost is low, so the maintenance is simple and inexpensive. The key, modular design Bert Weiss building warehouse tents, storage tents is integrated to provide a good foundation, it can be tailored to your needs for industrial applications tailored buildings.

Storage tents construction using German technology, in line with the International Building Code. In accordance with the Code of Practice to build up storage tents Bert Weiss building can withstand at least 80KM / hour winds. You can select any of the three meters to 60 meters from the structure of a span length of Infinity. Internal tent without any load-bearing pillars.


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