New Holiday Tent

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New Holiday Tent (New Holiday Tent) conventional width is 6 m, 9 m, 12 m, 15 m total of four commonly used sizes. Canopy eaves height (high side) is 2.6 m. Canopy structural design using modular units, length 3 m spacing can be increased or decreased. The main component holder (column and diagonal beams) pipe manufacture of high-strength oxidation four grooves 122 × 68 × 3 mm four-slot aluminum, double-sided PVC tarpaulin flame retardant synthetic fiber cloth, in line with European DIN4102B1, M2 Standard . Weight 850 g / square meter, there are a wealth of configuration blackout and semi-transparent tarpaulin two options, the new holiday Tent also be supporting the floor, glass wall, ABS walls, glass doors, ceiling curtain, to meet the various functions It needs.

New Holiday Tent (New Holiday Tent) and the main difference between the original holiday tents there are two:
1, the fixed manner by the elastic tension rod fixed hook fixed instead.
2, the side wall covering hanging way from the original pipe hanging suspended from the canopy to direct eaves beam.
Therefore, the new Holiday Tent of wind power and tightness improved significantly.


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