Hangar Tent

    Our latest research and development in 2013 of the hangar tent series, suitable for air force and civil aviation small aircraft hangars as temporary or permanent.

    Hangar tent scaffold made of high strength aluminum alloy (material 6061 / T6), double-sided PVC tarpaulin retardant synthetic fabric, flame retardant in line with European standards DIN4102 B1, M2 standards.

    Hangar tents can be based on the size of the different aircraft sizes tailored, the main characteristics of the stent according to high intensity level design, configuration of film insulation tarpaulin, flexible large-span steel doors and insulated sandwich wall, to create a unique Bert Weiss hangar tents.

    Hangar tents can choose to purchase a variety of purposes configurations, such as: gas membrane roof insulation, insulated steel sandwich wall, large-span flexible doors, color steel wall, lighting, working doors, electric gates, floor systems, drainage systems, fire systems, ventilation equipment.

    Hangar tents rugged design, anti-wind speed of 120 km / h (wind load 0.7 kN / m2), anti-snow load 25-75 kg / square meter. Can be repeated disassembly, transport, small size, is the best choice for air force and civil aviation industries airplane hangar.


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