Big Tent -TH30m-40m

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Span large size tents TH series are 30m, 40m, diameter 300x125x5mm, structure TH series of large tents designed using modular units, the length of 5 m spacing can increase or decrease the scaffold made of high strength aluminum alloy (material 6061 / T6), double-sided PVC tarpaulin retardant synthetic fabric flammability standards in line with European DIN4102 B1, M2 standards.

Big Tent TH series there are different shapes and sizes, such as: square, hexagonal, octagonal, decagonal, dodecagonal and two-layer structure. Large tents have many options available for configuration, function and purpose of its more powerful. For example: the side wall covering windows with transparent PVC, ground anchors, columns bearing plate, ceiling trim, glass curtain wall, ABS hard body wall, sandwich wall, color steel wall, glass doors, sliding doors, electric gate, all transparent tarpaulin and side wall coverings, floor systems, drainage channels, 1/2 hexagon, octagon, decagon and dodecagon terminal units and tents units with steeple and the like.

Big Tent TH series rugged design, anti-wind speed of 100 km / h (wind load 0.5 kN / m2), disassembly fast and convenient transportation volume is small. And party tents, as it is widely used in all kinds of outdoor temporary activities, is a good choice as a temporary or permanent buildings.


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