Double tent (General)

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We offer double tent rental lease, sales and custom, double tents Division I in 2012, the independent design and development of new tents series, leading the Chinese tents industry a new situation, product concepts from Germany, our independent research and development by the company, since the products come out, double tents with its unique aesthetic appearance and high quality always win the majority of domestic and foreign customers.

As the name suggests, is a combination of double canopy tents made of two-layer structure, a double canopy and divided into two types according to the shape, divided DDS herringbone top (span sizes 10-30m, mainly diameter 300x125x5 / 8mm ) and ADDS curved top (span size 15-30m, mainly diameter 300x125x5 / 8mm) two different models, double canopy design, durable, anti-wind speed of 100 km / h (wind load 0.5 kN / m2) , tents with higher wind and anti-snow load capacity.Tent frame structure 6061 / T6 four-hole hollow profile structure of high-strength aluminum alloy, hot dip galvanized steel connector parts, canopy room floor support structure with wooden beams, floor slabs with waterproof plywood 28mm thickness. Double tents and ordinary single tents are all the same type of modular structures tents, length 5 m spacing may increase or decrease. Double-sided PVC tarpaulin is flame retardant synthetic fiber cloth, fire-retardant standards in line with European DIN4102 B1, M2 standards.

Double tents available for purchase in a variety of accessories, such as: internal canopy stairs, canopy outside stairs, with transparent PVC window side wall covering, ground anchors, ceiling trim, glass curtain wall, ABS hard body wall, sandwiches wall, color steel wall, glass doors, sliding doors, electric gates, fully transparent tarpaulin and side wall coverings, floor systems.

Whether you're hosting the world's top events, or hold international sporting events, when your site is restricted area, double tents can be extended "active area", double tents in the projected area of the same size will double the activity area and space. In addition, double tents also can climb mountains, broaden their horizons, as sports (such as soccer, golf, equestrian, racing, etc.) VIP spectator stands will be your best choice.


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