American cone roof

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American Cone tent (Pinnacle tent) series sizes 3 × 3 米, 4 × 4 米, 5 × 5 rice and 6 × 6 meters, the edge is 2.5 meters high, made with three grooves 64.5 × 64.5 × 2.5mm alloy tubing stents, anti-wind speed of 80 km / h (wind load 0.3 kN / m). Blackout fabric using 850 g weight PVC fabric, cloth using padlock the steeple fixed four columns. Cone tent Available in a variety of configurations, such as: glass walls, glass doors, wooden flooring, ceiling anchors and interiors. Cone tent addition to individual users, but also it can be connected with a drainage trough consisting of a larger area, forming a unique shape, more exciting applications in outdoor activities.Main features: easy to dismantle, easy to install, economical cone roof.
American than European tapered cone roof house roof easier assembly and disassembly, easier to store small parts, only two people in less than 10 minutes to complete the installation of the whole tent.
In structure, different from the traditional European cones tents, greatly simplifying the internal structure, using only ropes and the two struts to hold up the canopy spire, beautiful, safe and sound better than folding tent, well suited for a variety of outdoor activities.


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