Mini-domed tents

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Mini party tent into a chevron (MPT series) and rounded (DMPT series) two. Tent span sizes 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, tents edge height of 2.6m, span of 3m, 3m length direction can be increased in multiples can be extended indefinitely. Homeowners canopy material pipe cross-sectional dimensions of 71x36x2.5mm, different points and party tent (PT series) is that awning canopy tension rods using fixed, rather than elastic cord. After the product through improved tarpaulin roof look more neat appearance, at the same time, a combination of tarpaulin roof and stand a better, more solid.
Tent optional accessories are: cassette flooring, fully transparent cloth top or around the curtain, glass doors, ceilings, curtains, PVC transparent window, bearing plate, to nail. Such tents compact, ideal for brand vehicles traveling exhibitions, private gatherings and parties, small fairs and other purposes.


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