New Party Tent

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We offer a new party tent rental rental, sale and customization, the new party tent (New Party Tent) and the main difference between the original party tents there are two:
1, the fixed manner by the elastic tension rod fixed hook fixed instead.
2, the side wall covering hanging way to direct the original pipe hanging suspended from the canopy eaves beam.
Therefore, the new party tent in wind power and tightness improved significantly. Conventional width of this series is 3 m, 4 m, 5 m, 6 m, 8 m, 9 m, 10 m and 12 m. Side height 2.6 m, length distance of three meters, the bracket main members (columns and oblique beams) with a high-strength aluminum profiles manufacturing 100x48x3mm four slots. Similarly there are floors, glass walls, ABS walls, glass doors and other rich configuration to meet various functional needs.


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