Multi-arched tents

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Multi-arched canopy of oblique beams of many aluminum inclined beams mosaic, composed by polygons, so named for the multi-arched canopy.
We produce and develop a multi-arched tents have 10 kinds Size: 10m 12m 15m 18m 20m 25m 30m 40m 50m 60m, of which 10m-40m span sidewall height of 4m, 50m 60m span side height of 5m. Multi-span arched canopy of 5m, 5m length can be infinitely extended by multiples.
Tents can complete glass wall, ABS walls, double opening glass doors, gates, people in and out of work a single door, floor, air conditioning, curtains, ceilings and other optional accessories.
Multi-arch tent scaffold made of high strength 6061 / T6 aerospace aluminum alloy, PVC tarpaulin tarpaulin with double-sided coating, flame retardant, UV and self-cleaning properties.
Multi-arched canopy advanced design, solid structure, wind capacity of 100km-120KM / hour, very suitable for large storage, large-scale concerts, high-end exhibitions, parties and other activities in a variety of applications.
Our multi-arched canopy is now the year 2014 most new features of tents, is also one of the company's best-selling product.

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