Gas membrane flat roof Housing

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Gas membrane flat roof Housing span sizes 10m 15m 20m 25m 30m, main pipe cross-section dimensions 256x121x5mm, gas membrane flat roof house is characterized by:
1, the inflatable roof insulation gas membrane tarpaulin, with insulation, insulation, thermostatic effect.
2, flat-topped roof, canopy oblique beam and the beam angle of 7 degrees, it is worth mentioning that canopy tents canopies slouch part, after improvements and innovation, increasing the Banner advertising, to provide customers better print advertising platform.

Gas membrane flat roof house design durable, anti-wind speed of 100 km / h (wind load 0.5 kN / m2), disassembly fast and convenient transportation volume is small. Widely used in all kinds of outdoor temporary activities, are good choices as a temporary or permanent buildings.

Gas membrane flat roof house and a variety of optional accessories available, such as: the side wall covering windows with transparent PVC, ground anchors, ceiling trim, glass curtain wall, ABS hard body wall, sandwich wall, color steel wall, glass doors, sliding doors, electric gates, fully transparent tarpaulin and side wall coverings, floor systems.

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