Auto parts exhibition tents

We offer auto parts exhibition tent rental lease, auto parts exhibition tents structure of modular units designed length can be 3 m or 5 m spacing increase or decrease scaffold made of high strength aluminum alloy (material 6061 / T6 ), double-sided PVC tarpaulin retardant synthetic fabric, flame retardant in line with European standards DIN4102 B1, M2 standards.

Auto parts exhibition tent features: beautiful appearance, beautiful roof lines, more interior space, the use of auto parts exhibition tents as large-scale events, more modern temporary hall.

Auto parts exhibition tent design advanced, safe and secure, anti-wind speed of 100 km / h (wind load 0.5 kN / m2), enables fast, convenient transportation and small size. Widely used in outdoor temporary exhibition hall, festival rituals, party activities, promotional products, sports and other activities.

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