Double Auto Tent

Double Tent Division I in 2012, the independent design and development of new tents series, lead the new situation China tent industry, product concepts derived from the German by Bert Weiss Suzhou Tent Co., independent research and development and Cheng, since products come out, with its unique double tents aesthetic appearance and, as always, to win the majority of high-quality domestic and foreign customers.

Mainly used in large-scale activities, when and international sporting events, when your site is restricted area, double tents can be extended "active area", double tents in the projected area of the same size will double the activity area and space. In addition, double tents also can climb mountains, broaden their horizons, as sports (such as soccer, golf, equestrian, racing, etc.) VIP spectator stands will be your best choice.
Double tents available for purchase in a variety of accessories, supporting equipment as follows: 1, lighting categories: lamp, bulb lamp; 2, audio category: modular sound; 3, air conditioning categories: 5P cabinet air conditioners, ceiling air-conditioning, central air-conditioning duct; 4, tables and chairs categories: round table, square table, long tables, beer tables, folding chairs, ordinary chairs, luxury chairs; 5, stage walking frame, platform floors, carpets, mobile toilets 6, floor systems; 7, glass door, glass wall, ABS hard body wall; 8, ground anchors, bearing plate; 9, PVC transparent window, transparent tarpaulin; 8, rain trough, carpet; 9, decorative ceiling curtain while the mantle, curtains and upholstery inside the canopy stairs, canopy outside stairs.
Tent features
1. The tents have a temporary, flexibility, mobility of the three characteristics. The customer may at any construction, demolition. Building installation quick and easy, at any time after the demolition can continue to build elsewhere. 100% of the space utilization is very suitable for the needs of transition, businesses and enterprises.
2. The tents have a full range of convenience, price is cheaper than steel at the same time greenhouse, but also ensures its safety performance (wind resistance up to 80km / h, fireproof PVC tarpaulin level reached B1), and therefore can be described tents is the solution to outdoor events and fairs the best choice.
 Tent advantage
1. translucent: membrane material having light transmission properties, soft light into the room only to make people work indoors as outdoors, appreciate the pro-nature feeling. And during the day do not meet the needs of indoor lighting illumination, saving large amounts of electricity consumption. That is environmentally friendly and control operating costs.
2. Large Span: unobstructed interior space to provide maximum practical space.
3. Insulation: with double insulation, heat insulation, insulation.
4. Low Requirements: lowest foundation requirements, the need for expensive construction and building foundation.
5. Cost: durable structure, tents novel and beautiful appearance, high quality to price, economic benefit.

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